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Talk Back 3 - Child Abuse Video

Dear Howard,

I don't know whether you read your emails or not but I wanted to commend you and thank you for the manner in which you presented the difficult piece last night on child abuse.  A lot of news programs would have just broadcast the segment for its sensational value before contacting authorities.  By including the appropriate authorities before it was broadcast and having them as part of the response is an unusual act of integrity in today's news world.  Not taking the opportunity to lambaste an understaffed underfunded state agency requires restraint.  But including a statement of appreciation by the head of the agency for bringing this sad situation graphically to our state and community is remarkable.

So many elements of this story could have been sensational and controversial by themselves.  WLBT however chose the high ground by focusing on the abuse of one child and what a problem it is in our society.  There's not much on television that is shocking any more.  This piece was. My wife and I were horrified at what was happening to an innocent little girl.  We needed to be.

To all of you, this piece ought to be shown at journalism schools of how such situations should be presented.  On a sad subject, you didn't cross any boundary of decency, you didn't try to blame anyone other than to hold the mother accountable, you didn't try to make it an issue associated with race.  What you did do was to inform the public of what a serious problem this is in our state and how important it is that we do whatever we can to protect innocent children in our state. I suspect our state legislators will be a lot more sensitive to funding those responsible for dealing with this than in the past as a result.  Last night, I knew this problem was my problem, as isolated as I am in my insulated and affluent world.

My thanks again for the integrity exhibited by all involved at WLBT.


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