Talkback 3: Sound Off Response - - Jackson, MS

Talkback 3: Sound Off Response

Dear Mr. Modisett,  

The problems that were outlined by Tom Brokaw are problems born of a broken and belligerent culture. A sub-society with no concience or allegiances. Nobody's pushing bad comportment on the folks I saw on that feature. They seem quite capable of making the wrong decisions all by themselves.  I am one of among some twenty thousand or so in Jackson still hanging on and waiting for something good to happen. When we're all gone---either by natural causes or at the hands of a home invader, a purse snatcher or a car-jacker---it's all over. I'm not worried about what Tom Brokaw thinks when he next visits us.  I'm worried about my wife getting killed while taking her recyclables to the curb.   

Try telling the friends and family of Miss Breeland to "get involved". My wife and I are among this number who so revere her .  Miss Breland was involved .  All of her life. She taught, along with the real brand of English, a civility not known in this town since she retired. The rest of us---who are still fighting for our city---don't need childish exhortations to "stop criticizing and get involved".  My wife and I are involved.  Involved in seeing our home town taken by folks more desensitized to the concept of right and wrong than was Atilla the Hun.   

You need to peddle this drivel to other dreamers---like Robert McIlvaine, Richard Dortch, Bill Minor and Dave Hampton---maybe Lynn Evans or Martha Bergmark.  People who don't get out a lot. And, leave us actual Jackson taxpayers to guard our homes with life and limb. Talk to Dennis Smith about me. He also grew up here and he understands my outrage. Have you already forgotten about your own Eric Law?  Should we all have been in some committee meeting that Sunday?  Perhaps a focus group on "Why Dopeheads Shouldn't Steal Cherokees and Run Over Innocent Citizens?  A hand-wringing encounter group? Delving for a reason that crazy haint was driven to a life on the edge?  A block party that would have stopped that from happening?  Dennis---and Eric and Christina---will agree that the police don't police, the detectives don't detect, the prosecutors don't prosecute, the judges don't judge and the jurors don't deliberate. The damned verdicts aren't rendered, Mr Modisett!  Write that down. Read it back to yourself. These folks are all paid wages to do these things. 

The labor pool in this town for these positions is now so dumbed-down as to make crime control an impossibility. At one time a couple years ago there were more city councilmen and JPD officers in jail than there were car thieves.  Look it up!  What planet did you say you are from?   

Put your pipe dream medicine where the pain is. Crime---with withering results--- does bleed over into other communities surrounding Jackson.  But, check the box score again.  The perps get locked up, they get indicted, they are incarerated, they go to trial before a jury of their---peers---not their sympathizers.  What have I left out?  I'll check volunteer lists for you and your kind occasionally---when I can let my guard down long enough. In the mean time, try and refrain from suggesting to law abiding Jacksonians to make nice while our town is under siege. It's insulting. We're angry enough as it is. Call me if you have any questions.  Or step over here and look me in the eye and tell me I ought to "get involved." 


Buddy from Jackson

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