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Jackson 07/29/06

Eric Law and Wife Still Healing

By Cheryl Lasseter

So many viewers have been calling and writing in asking about meteorologist Eric Law and his wife, Kristina.  We have good news for you.  They're both doing better every day.  WLBT's Cheryl Lasseter paid them a visit.

Eric Law and his wife, Kristina, have come a long way since June 11th when they were in the car wreck that severely injured both of them.  Eric began his recovery at UMC.  The hat he was wearing at the time of the accident was shredded from all the glass.  But today Eric is smiling and now walking.

"I don't need the walker anymore; don't need the wheelchair anymore, so that is a very good thing," he says.

He can't walk for long distances, but he's relieved to be moving around freely and even driving short distances.  Eric and Kristina got a good deal on an old WLBT news car.  They plan to use it for doctors' appointments.  His broken ankle is mostly healed and so is his collarbone.

"I can move my arm up and down.  There's just a little pain with that, but it's a lot better than it was a couple weeks ago," he stated.

Eric's left hand and wrist are his biggest problems now.  He can just barely move his thumb.  He plans to start occupational therapy on Monday.   Kristina is not allowed to walk yet.  She still has metal plates and screws in her collarbone.  Her broken fingers did not heal straight. She'll need more surgery for that.  And she's glad to have her leg free from this metal rod.  The screws were driven into her leg to set her bone straight.  She's now wearing what's called a walking boot.

"Compared to a hip length cast, it's really comfortable.  Its surgery is on Tuesday, and they're gonna put a metal plate to hold, cuz at this point to hold the bones straight, cuz at this point it's crooked," Kristina explained.

Their lives have been made easier by the help of both their moms.  Kristina's mother is tending to them right now.  Their landlord arranged for a ramp to be built outside their door for easy wheelchair access.  Fighting boredom is tough, but Eric says letters from viewers has helped keep their spirits high.

"If anyone wants to send more cards and letters, send 'em on, because we're opening every one, reading every one multiple times, and we're gonna write 'em all back."

Hospital bills have been pouring in to the tune of $300,000.  Insurance is pending on some of it, and neither one of them can understand why Jackson police still have not supplied them or their insurance carrier with a copy of the accident report.  Repeat offender Carol Dearman slammed into them while she was running from police and she's behind bars for now.  But the senseless and sudden tragedy has been a learning experience for both of them.

"You can handle a lot more than you give yourself credit for," they expressed.

You can send letters addressed to Eric and Kristina to WLBT, P.O. Box 1712, Jackson, MS 39215-1712.  Eric says it will be at least three weeks, maybe longer, before he can return to work. 

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