Talkback 3: Separate & Unequal - - Jackson, MS

Talkback 3: Separate & Unequal

Hello Andrew: I read your report and was compelled to respond because of the reaction of the community and leaders.  It is very sad indeed that neighbourhoods such as Jackson has been neglected for such a long time and because it was aired on national television, some are quite surprised by the coverage. 

What Jackson needs in a continous community intervention in unison with public intervention.  It is not up to the counsilmen and counsilwomen (local government) to furnish the community but members of the community of Jackson need to help each other.  Poverty is dreadful and it is the cause of a dysfunctional life.  Middle class families with absent fathers are not disadvantaged as a poor family.

I sincerely hope the community at large will recognized the needs of the people and unite to irradicate extreme poverty and help mobilize change.  

Alberta, Canada  


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