Talkback 3: Disabled Man Trapped in Home - - Jackson, MS

Talkback 3: Disabled Man Trapped in Home

Hello David,

I had seen the story on the evening news about the elderly man that could not get out and about with his wheel chair due to the apartment complex not allowing the repairs of his wheel chair ramp.  A virtual prisoner, he is indeed.

This is a sad situation and my heart goes out to this man and any other person with landlords that tend to be stubborn when it comes to the need of making certain repairs to better the life's of there renters.

I am asking that you make this an extended guardian mission on your part and on the part of WLBT News, to make sure that the repairs are completed, so that this elderly man can be given the freedom to move about as this is his right.

Contact the owners of the property, don't worry with the management any longer.  If the owners of the property are not willing to repair the wheel chair ramp, then take it a step further and contact a judge or an attorney, to see what other legal measures that can assist you in making sure that the repairs can be under way.

Also... The management may try to evict this elderly man, because of him contacting WLBT News because of the problem.  See if you can provide this elderly man with an upper hand, by using your resources and seek an attorney, whom might be willing to handle his case and if willing, through means of being indigent.

I do appreciate all your time, efforts and consideration in this matter. I am a loving individual & instrumental recording artist, that believes that everyone should be treated equally and fairly.

May God Bless all of your Days,

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