Game Day Traffic - - Jackson, MS

Jackson 08/28/06

Game Day Traffic

Many football fans are still fuming with frustration over how Saturday's saints game was handled.

The excitement of the NFL pre-season game seemed shadowed by bumper to bumper traffic and long lines to enter the stadium.

Doctor Dee McGee of the Veteran's Memorial Stadium Commision submitted this statement, "the stadium was simply overwhelmed. There has not been a crowd of that size at the stadium in a long time."

Nearly every aspect of the game was not prepared. It was a debacle.

It has to be done better than it was at saturday's game."

Stadium Director Watt Whatley says they had planned two months in advance for the large crowd."We had traffic control, we had security, we had jpd inside and outside and we had planned for that. But you don't plan on everyone getting there at the same time."

Once fans got out to the stadium, they found just two entrances open on the north and the south end.

Whatley said the west entrance was not large enough to set up a security check point. 58-thousand people attended saturday's game.

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