Talkback 3: Melton's Latest Flop in Jackson - - Jackson, MS

Talkback 3: Melton's Latest Flop in Jackson

Mr. Ballou,

     I know you already know about the flop of Jackson's illustrious mayor.  I also understand that this mail will not make the news, but I respect you as a journalist and wanted to pass this on. 

My family and I bought tickets for the NFL game and had been anticipating going since the idea was up in the air.  I have never seen a pro game in person, and this was the cheapest way for me to do just that due to the fact I did not need to travel and rent a hotel room.

Well, let me tell you, my family and I as well as countless thousands of other fans never made it to the d#$n game.  As a matter of fact, we never made it off I-55 onto Woodrow Wilson.  A call was made to JPD to which we were told there were no police directing traffic.

The interstate was a parking lot for at least three hours before we gave up and went home.  Later, we found out that had we made it, there was only two gates open in the stadium, and the wait to get in was over an hour.

This was the most pathetic attempt at planning (or lack thereof) for a major event.  I know that I will NEVER again spend any of my money at anything in the joke of a capitol city we call Jackson.

The illustrious mayor and his "gang" of planners have a long way to go to make the city a better place much less a place someone in their right mind would want to visit.  Furthermore, if Rankin County and Madison keep growing and building at the rate they are currently, the mayor and his crew can have Jackson all to themselves because there will be no reason for someone to have to go.

Sorry about the length...  I just thought if you wanted some real news to talk about, this would be a start.


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