Talkback 3: Handicapped Child Went to Saints Game With Much Difficulty - - Jackson, MS

Talkback 3: Handicapped Child Went to Saints Game With Much Difficulty

According to the poll that is on the WLBT site, the majority say it was the fault of the fans that there was such difficulty getting in to the game.  I STRONGLY disagree.

We packed an SUV full of 10 people (one of which was my handicapped son) and headed out to the game 2 1/2 hours early in order to avoid problems getting in.  We took an intercity route once we saw the interstate was already backed as far as you could see.

Even after leaving 2 1/2 hours before game time (from a normal 15 minute travel time) we became bogged down in traffic that was going nowhere.  We finally parked in a church parking lot about a mile from the stadium with no way to get my 107 lb. child (who normally uses a wheelchair) anywhere close to an entrance.  We traded between people in our party carrying him on our backs for that mile.

Once we got to the stadium, we found out that our seats were on the opposite side from where we came in and the only way to get to them was to walk completely around the stadium.  There was no entrance open that we could take a short cut through.

We found one entrance where someone was standing with a key but they would not allow him nor another person sitting there in a wheelchair to enter.  It would be obvious to anyone that these two people could in no way be a security threat and they could have been decent enough to let them in to relieve some of their misery.  By this time, it was 1 hour prior to game time. 

Once we were seated, we could not get up to go anywhere because until after half time, all the walkways inside the stadium were as backed up as the interstate with people who were surrounding them trying to get to their seats.  No one was directing this foot traffic to help clear the aisles.  People, like the vehicle traffic outside were standing there with nowhere to go.  If there had been a fire, medical, or any other emergency, hundreds or thousands of people would have died.

Once we decided to leave (end of 3rd quarter) we began looking for a security or stadium officer that would help us get this child back to the vehicle.  We were once again given no option and offered no assistance with our predicament.


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