Talkback 3: Colts vs Saints - - Jackson, MS

Talkback 3: Colts vs Saints

I have to write this letter to let you know what a terrible nightmare we experienced when we were looking forward to watching an exciting game between the New Orleans Saints and the Indianapolis Colts. We had purchased tickets right after they had gone on sale and had been looking forward and so anxious to go to this game.

My husband is disabled and he was carrying a motorized wheelchair in his truck because he cannot walk a long distance. I am his wife and my son and her girlfriend were with us.             We had purchased handicap tickets. At 4:00 p.m. we were sitting in backed up traffic on Interstate 55. At 6:00 p.m. (game time), we had not even made it to the inside of the stadium.

There were hundreds of people that were parking on the interstate, the median, lawns, and anything else that one could think of it. They, just like us, had purchased tickets and wanted to be a part of that game. That includes Saints fans as well as Colts fans. By the time we did get to the entrance, the first quarter was over and the security said that the parking lot was full and nobody could enter.

We had waited for over two hours, drove around fro another hour, and finally gave up at 7:00 p.m. because we could not find a park anywhere. We had driven over two hundred miles, waited over three hours and still had to accept, whether we wanted to or not, that the security would not allow us to park to see the game.

Friday, Aug. 25 th on WLBT in Jackson, they said that there were still up to seven thousand tickets still available. If that were so, there should have been more available parking. There were people trying to sell parking spots in their yards for $10 and it was not safe to park there. 

Anyone who had purchased a ticket should have been allowed in to see the game.  If the stadium knew how many tickets had been sold, there should have been accommodations for those ticket sells.  If the city is going to have something of this magnitude, you should be prepared for it. Stop the ticket sells if you cannot have anymore parking space. There were hundreds of cars, limos, and buses behind us that could not get in to see the game. People had flown in on planes and had driven hundreds of miles to support this event. This does not look good for the city of Jackson at all.

We were told by some that got in that people had taken their assigned seats. There should have been people directing people to their correct seating and this would not have happened. We were also told that several people got in without tickets. They had to have been some that took up parking and seating. One person said that it was a joke if you thought you would actually see the game once in. People told security what was going on and they said that there was nothing that they could do. What do you hire security for if they cant have any control over what's going on? There was no way you could make it to the concession stands. I am sure the stadium made a lot of money but could have made more if things had been handled correctly. We were very disappointed and my husband is very limited to what he can do for enjoyment. To think that we had driven and waited this long and it was all for nothing. We lost the money that we paid for the tickets, plus gas money as high as gas is now.

We are huge Saints fans and have been since the Archie Manning era.  This was a huge letdown for us. I am sure that because of this experience we had and many other alike, we will never put ourselves through this again. The stress and wait was just too much on my family. Today is Sunday and my husband is really sick because of all of it.

Jackson is our capitol and I am ashamed and embarrassed at the way it was all handled. If the city cannot organize any better than this, then you do not need to hold any big events such as this because it was a total mess.

I do feel that we should be reimbursed for tickets since we did not get to use them. We did not purchase them just for souvenirs. I am sure that the Saints and Colts organizations have heard all about this and I know that they would not want their fan base treated in this matter.

Greenville , MS

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