Talkback 3: Saints/Colts - - Jackson, MS

Talkback 3: Saints/Colts

I was one of those 60,000 fans that attended the Saints/Colts game last Saturday night. I bought three $75 tickets on March 26th shortly after the game was announced.

So image how we felt (along with many others) when we didn't have a seat. I contacted the nearest Jackson Police officer, who turned the situation over to a gentlemen identifying himself as "Sideline Security", who then turned us over to a representative of Global Sector Security, who talked to Watt Whatley in the end zone.

We found ourselves a seat (vacant but not ours) after spending the first half standing believing Mr Whatley surely was going to "fix" the problem. Today, seeing and reading the accounts of the game, not once have I heard anyone Mr. Whatley, Dr. McGee or Mayor Melton apologize for the "debacle".

They want and need Jackson to hold events like this and I have always supported their efforts but after Saturday night I will probably not be alone next time I think twice about spending $252.35 for tickets to an event in Jackson.

Vicksburg, MS

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