Talkback 3: Katrina Coverage Thank You - - Jackson, MS

Talkback 3: Katrina Coverage Thank You

When Katrina hit last year, I was devastated because I had former family and friends in Pearlington, MS.

Every news station was so concerned with New Orleans, they didn't even bother looking too far east at what was happening here on the coast or even in the small towns that this big storm had effected. It aches my heart still to see that the people are still suffering. But I know the people there and I know that they are strong.

I spent all of my teen age years there and married a man from there. As far as I knew, his family still resided there. But after the hurricane, I couldn't find out any information from that area. The closest that anyone got for awhile was Waveland and Bay St. Louis.

I brought myself and my children back to live in Mississippi six years ago after my divorce and took them down there to visit. I showed them where I 'Grew Up" and was proud to share that little town with them. I had once planned to move back to that area, but have since remarried and settled in Florence, MS.

My husband didn't want me to go down there because of all the mess left behind by the hurricane. I plan to go down there the end of September when I get my vacation, and see if I can find my daughters grandparents and aunt.

It seems like Pearlington was 'Blown off' the map. But I have to say thank you for bringing the story to me via the news station. I saw one other story about Pearlington not too long after the Hurricane, and nothing else was said. Like I stated before, it seems that all the focus was on, and is still on, for the most part, New Orleans.

Today, a year has passed, it was a blessing to see that even that old church still stood, battered and bruised, like the people of Pearlington, but it still stands.

I still cry because it hurts to see that they are still struggling to get buy. I was lucky, because my children and husband and myself live here. I helped out as much as I could by sending things south to those in need.

There is much more to be done to help, especially in small towns like Pearlington. But I know, God will help them, and you and the staff at WLBT will help them too by bringing their story to light.


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