Talkback 3: Frank Melton - - Jackson, MS

Talkback 3: Frank Melton

Frank Melton is a one man ARMY, that needs more support. He cannot do his job with everyone down his throat. If we let Frank Melton go, he may straighten Jackson, MS out. You can not fight a war by RULES when you have others that don't go by the rules. It seems to me that the criminals have more rights than the citizens do. What's wrong with that? It's like our war with Iraq, You cannot fight a war, and win by playing by the rules when your opponent doesn't have any. Let Frank do his job, he's the only one with guts enough to tackle this problem, we have in Jackson, MS. I am tired of Mississippi being at the bottom of the income list and the top of the crime list.

Sincerley, Concerned Citizens
in Pearl, MS

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