COPY-Sound Off: The Mannings - - Jackson, MS

September 12, 2006

COPY-Sound Off: The Mannings

This past Sunday night Peyton and Eli Manning faced each other in a game that was hyped as much as the Superbowl. The Manning family was certainly under the microscope. Archie, his wife Olivia and even older brother Cooper were caught in the spotlight.

Peyton and Eli played well, with Peyton's Colts winning in a close game, but the real winner was the Manning family. Archie and Olivia supported their boys as they grew up, but didn't put pressure on them or interfere with their coaches.

The Mannings are a refreshing change from athletes on steroids, players that act outrageously and parents that ruin the game for everyone.

The Manning family has deep roots in Mississippi and we can all take pride in how they handle themselves on and off the field.

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