Three Covington County Brothers Jailed for Dog Fighting, Drugs - - Jackson, MS

Covington County 09/22/06

Three Covington County Brothers Jailed for Dog Fighting, Drugs

Willie Feazell Willie Feazell
Terrance Feazell Terrance Feazell
Kelvin Feazell Kelvin Feazell

Twenty-six dogs, mostly pit bulls, have been euthanized following a raid that netted four Covington County men. Authorities say three bothers face charges of dealing drugs in 10 counties and illegal dog fighting.

The men are facing state and federal charges. They are identified as Kelvin Feazell 27 years old, Terrence Feazell 23 years old, Willie Feazell 29 years old. All are Covington County residents.

Another individual is in jail on felony drug charges as well.

Lawmen seized controlled substances, an assault rifle, and a submachine gun at four different houses during a tuesday night raid.

They also seized 26 dogs, 24 of them were pit bulls, animals bred and used for dog fighting.

Many of the dogs had old pit bull had fresh wounds on it's legs and neck. All were chained near a 20 by 20 foot fighting pit.

Debra Boswell of the Mississippi Animal Rescue League says drugs and pitt bulls are becoming a problem throughout Mississippi.

Boswell says "We look at it in that we have relieved their suffering. They won't spend the rest of their lives on a chain in a fight ring being torn up, being bred to make more and more pits just to go out there and fight. So while it's sad we feel we've done what was best for the animals."

Authorities found scales, and all sorts of medications at the houses northeast of Mount Olive. They found everything from appetite stimulants to red blood cell builders.

Boswell said the pit bulls were staked close together, to keep them agitated.

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