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Always & Forever Finalist

Wyshana Jones & Houston Perry

            My name is Wyshana Jones I am 24 years old.  And I am engaged to Houston Perry, who is 26 years old.  I know in my heart that I have found my soul mate.  I have found that special someone that God sees fit for me.  I want to spend my life with the person whom I consider my best friend.  That is the reason why my fiancĂ© and I should be the 2007 Always & Forever Bride and Groom.  We have been through so much.  So many obstacles have tried to come between us.  But we have managed to stay together.  There are several reasons why I am certain we should be selected.  We are a true example of how it is to love a person for what is on the inside, and not the outside.  We both are hard working, God-fearing, and trustworthy people.  We know that we don't have much, but we have God in our hearts and that has taken us further than we ever imagined.  We deserve this.

            I have known my fiancĂ© since August 2001.  I met him while I was attending Hinds Community College in Raymond.  He attended Hinds Community College in Utica.  We met online.  Sometime after talking online, we exchanged phone numbers and began to talk on a regular basis.  In October of 2001, we agreed to meet at the Mississippi State Fair.  With my brother by my side, I met Houston.  Although I did like him, I was afraid to let myself fall for him.  But that did not stop him from trying.  He was very persistent.  Houston and I became close over the next two months.  Our ONLY communication was over the phone and online. (Neither one of us had a car!!)  My feelings for him continued to grow.  This scared me.  I knew nothing about love.  But slowly, I was learning.  Before we even became a couple we were expressing our love for each other:  (But ONLY over the phone.)

            On December 17th 2001, Houston called me on my birthday with his rendition of Brian McKnight's "Love of My Life".  And that very moment, I fell in love with him.  I knew right away that he was THE ONE.  One the 28th of December, he asked me to be his girlfriend.  I said yes.  I was convinced!

            Just one day shy of my 21st birthday, the following year, my great-grandfather passed.  His death left me devastated.  But Houston was there for me every step of the way.  He was my shoulder when I needed to cry.  He was my listening ear when I needed someone to talk to.

            Houston and I have had our share of ups and downs.  We've even broken up a couple of times.  But I know that God keeps bringing us back to one another.  We've been together exclusively almost five years. (December 28, 2006) We felt there was no need to rush into a marriage.  We would just wait until the timing was right.  Houston proposed to me December 22nd of last year.  We were watching a movie and he asked me to pass him his favorite stuffed animal.  When I reached for it, there sat a beautiful ring.  I said yes before he even asked me!!

            I am rather confident that our marriage will be successful because we have made changes in our lives that have made our relationship stronger.  We attend church together more often.  We pray together.  No matter what our problem, we come together and we take it to the Lord in prayer ...TOGETHER.  I am working and putting myself through school.  Houston also works.  We have planned to marry next year.  We are pushing hard to afford the things we need to have a wedding.  It is difficult, but we are hopeful.  And this may be the answer to our prayers.

            We ask that you consider us to be the 2007 Always & Forever Bride and Groom.  You will not be disappointed.  We understand that marriage is not to be taken lightly.  We realize that many other challenges may present themselves, and that we are to back our marriage up, no matter what.  Time and prayer has taught us many things.  In us, you will see a couple who loves each other and who has immeasurable love for the Lord.  You will find a couple that is deserving and worthy to have a blessed marriage.  We thank you.

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