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Mississippi Highway Patrol Gets New Unit

After Hurricane Katrina, State Troopers and other first responders slept in their cars and ate packaged "meals ready to eat" for weeks on end.

That will no longer be the case the next time there's a disaster. The Mississippi Highway Patrol unveiled their new travel unit Monday.

It includes a full service, commercial grade kitchen, that can feed a thousand first responders, twice a day. Shower trailers, and sleeper campers will also make life easier.

After Katrina, troopers often had to depend on locals, to meet their own personal needs.

Lt. Col. Joseph Rigby says "We decided we needed something that would take care of our people down there and not be a burden on the people. We'd be a 100 percent self sufficient unit."

The unit was purchased with 160 thousand dollars, raised by the Mississippi Law Enforcement and Firefighters Katrina Relief Fund.

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