COPY-Drivers' Manuals Update - - Jackson, MS

Statewide 10/18/06

COPY-Drivers' Manuals Update

Those missing drivers license study manuals may be back on the shelf as soon as Thursday after WLBT first reported about errors Tuesday.

That word is from Lieutenant Colonel Joseph Rigby, who says prison industry workers are now printing the corrected version of the study guide.

Sources say the reason the books were pulled from shelves is that they did not have the name and signature of Colonel Michael Berthay, the new chief of MHP.

Wednesday, Lieutenant Colonel Joseph Rigby said, "We had a couple of printing errors that needed to be corrected and hopefully they are corrected and back out tomorrow morning. In fact we tried to get them out this afternoon but we're not going to be able to get them out this afternoon but we should have them out tomorrow.... We have some printing errors that we've corrected."

 Rigby says it will cost 3-thousand dollars to reprint 100-thousand manuals.

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