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Etiquette Tips for Every Wedding Party

(ARA) - The wedding season is in high gear, and with another round of newlyweds just around the corner it is important foreveryone involved, from the bride down to the ushers, to get organized.

Denise Dinyon, Lenox gift-giving and etiquette expert, says that although the planning process can be hectic, staying organized and optimistic can make the day enjoyable for each guest, and most importantly, the newlyweds. "Everyone involved in the planning process should stay organized and make the time to speak regularly with the bride and groom to be sure they are fulfilling their duties," Dinyon says. "Sometimes, just by making yourself available to help, the bride and groom-to-be can relax more - allowing them to fully enjoy this memorable start to their future together."

Dinyon offers some additional tips for those playing leading roles in the wedding party.

The Bride and Groom

* When it comes to thank-you notes and bridal party gifts, it is important not only to remember those who attended, but also those who helped celebrate from far away. More than half of U.S. adults (53 percent) reported they always send a gift to weddings they can't attend, according to the Sixth Annual Lenox Gift-Giving and Etiquette Survey. These people should not be forgotten.

* Designate a point person to take care of the minor details on the wedding day so the groom doesn't find himself responsible for tracking down the DJ or rounding up friends for photographs. This person can either be hired help or a trusted friend, but be sure they have a schedule of approximate times that the bride and groom plan to share their first dance, toss the bouquet and cut the cake.

* Provide entertainment to guests and an opportunity to socialize with sometimes unknown seat mates via fun icebreakers. At each table, include an appealing crystal bowl, such as the Lenox Shooting Star Rose Bowl, and fill it with pieces of paper that spark conversation by asking guests such things as how they met the bride and groom, or what their favorite story is about a member of the bridal party.

The Best Man

* Help free the new bride and groom of unnecessary worries on their special day. Hold on to payments for the day's vendors and be sure to disburse the checks to the appropriate people by the end of the reception.

The Maid of Honor

* Streamline the planning process for the bride by creating an easy-to-remember e-mail address that can be sent out to all the wedding guests. This way, questions can be directed toward you, keeping the bride less frazzled.

The Parents of the Bride and Groom

* If you are paying for the expenses of the wedding, be sure to sit down with the bride and groom early to set expectations for costs. It's also important to communicate costs throughout the planning process, but remember, just because you are paying for it does not mean you get to decide every last detail of how the money is spent.

Most important, Dinyon says, no matter how much preparation goes into this magical day, everyone should remember to relax and enjoy the moment. The best gift to give to the bride and groom is to celebrate what brought everyone together in the first place: love.

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