Talkback 3: Deaf School Protest - - Jackson, MS

Talkback 3: Deaf School Protest

Hi Bert,   

Thank you Thank you Thank you for your report!!!!!!!!!! I am a former teacher at Mississippi School for the Deaf. One of the reasons I quit my job there was because Dr. Delores Mack continued to hire teachers who could not sign to teach our very bright students.

If you do a little research you will find that the three teachers most recently hired were members of Dr Mack's church.  She was quoted saying to the secretary at the high school in response to a question posed to her about hiring non signing teachers, "God says you should take care of your own". Obviously "her own" are not the deaf children but the church members. 

If we had a large percentage of non-English speaking teachers at the Jackson Public Schools you would have seen a huge outcry!  It is the same thing; how can you learn from a teacher that does not speak your language. It is absurd! You have just scratched the surface of the problems at that school. (Remember the 80's) It is buried deep but there are people still employed there that are willing to talk.  Don't let them off the hook on this. There are plenty of teachers out there who are very skilled signers but they have all been run off from the school because they are Caucasian.

name withheld

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