Talkback 3: Deaf School Protest - - Jackson, MS

Talkback 3: Deaf School Protest

Please don't stop the investigation at the School for the Deaf. 

They are hiring their friends with no sign language experience at all.  The teachers are standing up there trying to teach with no knowledge of how to make the kids understand because they know nothing about their language, culture and how to adapt in that environment. 

I have a child who (goes to school) there...  I can't say anything due to me losing my job and my child standing out.  However, when it comes to his education I will stand up. It SHOULD NOT be that, if the kids express their feelings about the school they will be expelled.  That goes against our 1st admendment right.  Are they different b/c they are deaf.  NO they are not.  So, I ask you to continue and follow up with the outcome of qualified teachers w/skills in Sign Language to be employeed at that school and not "FRIENDS OF THE PRINCIPLE".

Thank you.

name withheld 

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