Talkback 3: Deaf Students Protest - - Jackson, MS

Talkback 3: Deaf Students Protest

Mr. Case,

Thank you for your story "Students Protest Conditions at School for Deaf" on November 28 2006. It is the kind of story that needs to be told and it was really eye-opening.

Your story while well done left my and several other viewers with a lot of questions. What happened to these students to make them want to protest? While I'm sure it was several things over a long time, there must have been a straw that broke the camels back. What was it? The young girl shown in the piece was labeled only as a student. Was that because she was a minor and you didn't have proper permission to use her name and statements or was it because you feared the repercussions she would face if you mentioned her by name?


Applauding your effort 
-- Tory

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