Talkback 3: Deaf Students Protest - - Jackson, MS

Talkback 3: Deaf Students Protest

Dear Mr. Case,

Many people in Jackson have known about the lack of qualified, prepared teachers and principals at the MS School for the Deaf for years. Faculty have spoken up about this issue and have gone to the superintendent to no avail. Some employees have had to resign because they were "too vocal" in their criticism, and some have resigned because they were simply too disgusted, repulsed and demoralized to continue working at the school. 

Hiring teachers and staff who cannot sign so that they can communicate effectively with the deaf students is an outrage. It is immoral and disrespectful. It is unconscionable! To add insult to injury, faculty and students at the school assert that the students are being threatened-- told they will be arrested. handcuffed, and suspended for 10 to 20 days or expelled if they protest or communicate with the public or reporters-- is this rumor or fact? If it is true, there is an even greater urgency to putting  an end to the abuse of the deaf students who are under the care of the state of Mississippi. Shame on all of those who are responsible. Thanks for putting the spot light on this abomination.

Please don't allow this story to die.


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