Talkback 3: Deaf Students Protest - - Jackson, MS

Talkback 3: Deaf Students Protest

Saw your story the other day about the protest at the deaf school. Have you tried a follow-up? I heard through the deaf grape-vine that the superintendent Dr. Mack and one other person have been placed on administration leave. Also, if you remember back to last school year, there was a white female teacher from the school that was fired for "fooling around" with some of the male students. We never heard any follow-ups on that story. Please do not just drop this story. Deaf students have a hard enough time getting an education with teachers that can communicate with them and should not have to protest and take the chance of being expelled in order to have a teacher that can communicate with them. I believe there is actually a law that says the teachers there have to be fluent in sign language to teach.


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