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Popping Film Cans


  • 35mm snap on cap film canister
  • Dry ice
  • Goggles


The three states are gas, liquid and solid.  Changes in state are called phase changes.  They are:

  1. Evaporation - liquid to gas
  2. Condensation - gas to liquid
  3. Melting - solid to liquid
  4. Freezing - liquid to solid
  5. Deposition - gas to solid
  6. Sublimation - solid to gas

In meteorology, we are normally concerned with evaporation, condensation, melting and freezing.  However, dry ice can be a fun way to see the phase change called sublimation.

Dry ice is frozen Carbon Dioxide.  It is called dry ice because it does not melt into a liquid, rather it transforms straight to the gas state.  Dry ice has a temperature of nearly 110° BELOW ZERO.  It can burn you, so use caution when dealing with it.

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