Jerome DeLoach - - Jackson, MS

Jerome DeLoach

Jerome, or "J-Dog" or "Romey," as many in the newsroom call him, began his career at WLBT in September of 1982 and is currently the Assistant Chief Photographer.  When he began his career in 1982, Jerome worked at the Meridian bureau.  He worked there until 1988 as part of a statewide crew that covered stories of interest both in and out of Mississippi. 

As a photojournalist in Meridian, Jerome gained a great deal of valuable knowledge and an unbeatable ability to work under adverse conditions.  He also says that those six years are what led to his unselfish attitude when working with others.

During his lengthy career as a photojournalist, Jerome has covered some of the biggest stories in the WLBT coverage area, including major trials, hurricanes, and plane crashes.  Also, Jerome has had the opportunity to meet a host of celebrities -- including presidents, diplomats, movie stars, famous athletes, and some ordinary people who did extraordinary things for others.

On more than one occasion, Jerome has been dispatched to the scene of a story alone -- and has returned with the makings of that night's lead story on the news, having gathered all the interviews and video to make it happen.

In 2011, he was elected to the Mississippi Associated Press Broadcasters Association Hall of Fame -- joining the likes of Woodie Assaf, Bert Case, Walter Saddler, Maggie Wade, Howard Ballou and Marsha Thompson. Jerome's boss, WLBT chief photographer Jim Duncan, is also in that elite group.

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