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Effort to Drop Colon Cancer Fatality Rates

Even though the statistics have been improving, colon cancer still remains the number two killer among men and women. But a recent study finds that by using current interventions, the number of colon cancer deaths can be cut by a third by the year 2020 with a three pronged effort.

First prevention, and we know now that means exercise, a diet low in fat, high in fiber and fruit and vegetables all help cut the risk of colon cancer. Second, early detection screening is a major weapon using colonoscopy and sigmoiodoscopy.

"They not only detect cancers at an early stage when they're the most treatable, they also prevent cancers from developing in the first place, by identifying the polyps that are the lesions that go on to turn into cancer," said Dr. Deborah Schrag, an oncologist. 

The third weapon we have is improved treatments. Remember, even though family history is important, you can still get colon cancer out of the blue with no sign of it anywhere in your family.

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