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Talk Back 3: Snake Farm Insurance

Yes, I DID say "Snake" Farm Insurance. I have been a victim of this, so called, Good Neighbor. Let me tell you.

In 2002 my home in Canton, a 112 year old Tudor 3600 sq ft home, burned. The policy was with, you guessed it, the aforenamed. My mother had the policy with this company and had had it for many years. Never in the time that did they ever inquire about increasing the coverage. She was told that she had ample coverage and replacement cost. THIS WAS A LIE!!!.. She was severly underinsured both for the structure and the contents.

After the house burned I was asked to itemize my entire life. To do this I walked through the burned out house and jotted notes on the contents of each room. Later I closed my eyes and started typing. My daughter and I were put through an interview shortly after this in order to find lodging for the two of us. It is on this point that I am still fighting this company.

My policy stated that I had time to renovate, rebuild or be housed elsewhere for up to 2 years. They cut me off after 9 months saying that I had had plenty of time to find a new house or rebuild where the previous one had stood. OK, fine. let's recap the happenings. February 9, the house burns. March 27, my mother dies. April15, I am in a car accident, being rear ended in Madison. You do the math. Could you continue after a three month seige such as that. Well, I couldn't. I consulted a lawyer about the extra living expense and discovered that, not only was I not given all the information needed, but also, I was short changed and forced to do things that other claims agents NEVER did. I was forced to go through the Oakwood Corporation to get and apartment.

I was forced to put this on a credit card and be reimbursed by SF. I was NEVER asked about being housed in the fashion to which I had become accustomed, i.e., a 3600 square foot Tudor home. No house was ever offered, only an apartment. My daughter and I were put through 7 hours of depositions by the attorney for SF. The matter has been sent to an independent auditor and to a referee. The beat goes on. To every eye out there, I have a bad faith case against these people. I have not brought it to the phase of filing court proceedings. I am waiting for them to "fish or cut bait". They are, in turn, waiting for me to give up. They do not know me very well. I have come through losing everything including my life. I don't give up that easily.

The bottom line to this little diatribe is that I cancelled all of my SF insurance policies. Got a better deal with the carrier I currently use. To my mind there needs to be a wall to wall house cleaning of the insurance industry nation wide.

 There are too many capricious carriers like SF who prey on the vulnerable. Sincerely, Lorraine Middleton

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