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Talk Back 3: JPD/Health Department Personnel

Did you notice how fast the chief of police came up with an idea to provide a pay raise for officers, but we are still waiting for her to show her plans for lowering crime.

And Dr. Amy is complaining about the fact everyone wants him out for not doing his job, and doesn't deny the charge he just says his contract doesn't say he can be fired for that.

To use your phrase in my "point of view" the police and health department personnel should be asked why they deserve these high salaries and pay raises when the performance they have shown is so poor.

Now I do not know for sure that the health department is in bad shape but if it is, then why pay over 200,000 dollars a year for someone to run it into the ground. I can see by reading the paper and watching the news that crime is bad, and JPD officers are making cell phone videos and belly aching about more money instead of getting into these areas and arresting people.

But I noticed when one of their own was mugged at Wal Mart they caught them in a couple of days. I'd like to see the average store clerk who is doing that poorly ask for a pay raise or even to try keep a job they are doing well.

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