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Blacksburg, VA 04/23/07

Virginia Tech Shootings: The Week After

Blacksburg, VA  Classes resume today at Virginia Tech -- one week after a gunman shot and killed 32 people, and then himself. Students are not required to finish the semester on campus, though many are choosing to return -- trying to get closure... Trying to get back to some sense of normal life.

Kristen Dahlgren -- with the latest from Blacksburg, Virginia.

For students here at Virginia Tech, it is the first step to letting go... Of a week that brought unspeakable tragedy and took 32 classmates and teachers.... A bell tolled for each victim, as balloons were released toward the sky... Just one of several tributes to those who were lost.

Nathan Kane - Virginia Tech student,  "It's not like a normal Monday morning.. It's sad... Eveybody's got a somber tone." The day began with a moment of silence at the exact time when the first gunfire shattered this peaceful campus. And another... At 945 eastern... When the shooter was on his rampage through the classrooms here.

But today, it is no longer about what one man did ... It is about the 26 thousand students now trying to move on. Nat for many... That meant returning to class. 

Jennings Bray - Virginia Tech student, "It was neat to be back, feels like home." Trying to find normal... In a place that will never be the same."

What they have already learned is just how strong they are.

Megan Schuler, VT student , "This is who we are, we want to show the world that we can do it we're going to overcome this and that tragedy, cannot take away spirit... And hope can rise up.. When it seems almost everything else has been lost."

Kristen Dahlgren NBC News Blacksburg, VA, " Only students that chose to come back are here. The University offered all students the option of ending the semester now, with the grade they have to this point.... Understanding that for some... It is just too hard to return right now.

I'm Kristen Dahlgren in Blacksburg, Virginia.  

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