Weather, Music Keep Brandon Day Hot - - Jackson, MS

Brandon, Ms 05/12/07

Weather, Music Keep Brandon Day Hot

By Jon Kalahar  


The sunshine may have been out after dark at Brandon Day with KC and the Sunshine Band as the big attraction.  But leading up to the big concert, it was the heat that kept emergency workers on their toes.

It was a day of fun in the sun for the young and young at heart in Brandon. But too much fun and too little water could leave you feeling the heat. Emergency workers were ready just in case.

"We just try to pay attention to those making sure they're not overcome by the heat and heat exhaustion. That's really what we start looking for and later in the day that's when we start to see that," said James Rutland, Brandon Fire Chief.

Chief James Rutland stationed firemen and emts around the festival grounds. But most festival-goers found shade and took time out to cool down.

"We try to make sure everyone's gonna have a good time, even though it's hot. We've got tents everywhere for people to be under where the entertainments going on," said Rutland.

But try corralling a team of young ball players during their season ending tournament. That's Larry Kemp's job. Games started out here at eight in the morning and wrap up as the sun sets.

 "Pretty hard, yeah it is. This is seven year old is what we coach and especially seven year olds cause when they're not playing they're wanting to run around and play so we gotta make sure, try to keep them in the shade, keep plenty of fluids in them," said Kemp.

On this day, where the temperature stayed in the eighties all afternoon even fans needed fans. That wasn't a concern after the concert started though, when K-C and the Sunshine Band heated things up again.

And we're happy to report there were no serious heat related incidents during Brandon Day.

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