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Jackson 05/17/07

Talk Back 3: Bert Case's Near Dog Attack

I fail to see the humor in the recent confrontation Bert Case had with the pit bulldog. Anyone who has ever been in a similar situation knows how stressful such an encounter can be.

One of my 1st questions about the ordeal was where in the hell is the rest of the News team?? I'm no fan of Bert Case, but someone should have helped the man out. A video camera tripod, jack handle, anything to help fend off the dog.

BTW, what has been done to the dog and it's owner?? I'd be all for the late night delivery of an antifreeze loaded snack for the offending pooch. There is absolutely no good reason to let a dog with that kind of temperment live one more day. I can think of several people whom I classify in the same category.

Bert deserves a medal for having the balls to run the dog off, even though he broke every 'rule' the 'experts' say you should follow during a dog attack. Bottom line: he wasn't bitten!!  Brian Lowe

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