Children and Dogs - - Jackson, MS

May 17, 2006

Children and Dogs

By Dennis Smith, News Director 

Thankfully, thousands of Mississippi foster children will now be more safely protected.

A federal lawsuit that was settled today requires just that.

Hopefully, the State of Mississippi will right the wrong it has done against these children.

Many have been terribly abused and neglected in foster parent households.

More caseworkers have been added, but Mississippi has a long way to go to correct those awful wrongs for looking the other way.

Now this.  

Enforcement of Jackson's dog ordinance is a joke.

Countless dangerous dogs roam the streets of this city due to the inept eye of animal control.

Before this summer is out, WLBT will tell you of even more attacks by vicious pit bulls whose owners could care less about the ordinance or its penalties.

From my Point of View, owners of these animals that run free ought to be locked up with their dogs and put on display at the Jackson Zoo.

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