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Decision 2007 05/15/07

Dick Hall Kicks Off Re-Election Campaign

Central District Transportation Commissioner Dick Hall announced the start of his re-election campaign today in front of a construction trailer in Rankin County.

That's where his office was moved after he complained about the cost of refurbishing offices in the downtown Jackson headquarters. His complaints put him at odds with the other two transportation commissioners, Bill Minor and Wayne Brown.

hall was first appointed to the position by former Governor Kirk Fordice in 1999. He had served in both the house and senate before going to the transportation commission.

Hall says being sent to Rankin County has worked out well for him.

He says "My opposition to that remodeling project, got me, my office and my staff moved to this construction trailer here in Pearl. I guess they intended to embarass me by getting me to move here, but the move was actually beneficial."

Hall was elected Transportation Commissioner in 1999 and 2003.

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