Franks Begins Campaign for Lieutenant Governor - - Jackson, MS

Decision 2007 05/15/07

Franks Begins Campaign for Lieutenant Governor

State representative Jamie Franks kicked off his campaign for Lieutenant Governor Tuesday.

Representative Franks has currently served 12 years in the Mississippi House. He also is the chairman for the Conservation and Water Resources Committee.

Representative Franks says he wants to fight for working families by reducing the sales tax on groceries.

Tuesday Franks signed a "communities for a clean bill of health" pledge, promising if he takes the office of Lieutenant Governor he will lower sales tax on food by increasing tobacco tax by one dollar. He challenged his opponents to do the same.

Franks said, "It is a shame when you have one of the poorest states in the union but you have the highest sales tax on food. I will commit to you that the first act that I will push as lieutenant governor is to reduce sales tax on groceries."

Republican Senator Charlie Ross and State Auditor Phil Bryant are also running for the office of Lieutenant Governor.

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