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Medical Matters5 PM 6/4/07

Gun Safety Study - Ginseng Studied For Cancer Fatigue

Stephanie Bell Flynt

Gun Safety Report

A new study finds more than one third of American homes have at least one gun kept inside but over 70-percent of these gun owners say they do not store their firearms safely. Researchers have found parents who are raised in homes with guns are the least likely to store their own weapons securely. Gun owners also tend to let their guard down one a child has turned five.

Ginseng Studied For Cancer Fatigue

It's possible ginseng can help many cancer patients overcome debilitating fatigue.  New cancer research was released today. The mayo clinic study followed 282 patients with different types of cancer for two months. About a quarter of patients taking higher doses of ginseng said their fatigue improved. Researchers don't recommend over the counter supplementation at this point. Studies are ongoing.

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