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Decision 2007 05/31/07

Eaves Speaks Out on Tuition Hikes

John Arthur Eaves, Jr., a Democrat running for governor, is speaking out against recent tuition hikes at Mississippi's universities.  

Eaves held a press conference Thursday at the Capitol, asking Governor Barbour to fully fund institutions of higher learning. Eaves is also asking the governor to hold a special session to look at ways to keep tuition costs down.

The universities say the increase is needed to cover rising energy costs and repairs to buildings. College students we talked to say the tuition hike is increasing their debt, and making it harder for them to afford to go to college.

"But I can tell you that I am sensitive, and I have been listening to these students, and it seems like the price of everything goes up," Eaves said. "Oil goes up, tuition is going up -- the cost of everything goes up, but people's ability to pay keeps going down."  

Eaves is also recommending Governor Barbour use the $25 million in the treasury to help fund Mississippi's eight universities.

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