Talk Back 3: 4 Wheelers - - Jackson, MS

Jackson 06/13/07

Talk Back 3: 4 Wheelers

I wanted to let you know I enjoyed your report on the ATV's and the damage to the Pearl River. I believe that they need a place to ride, and I am not sure that this is not a good place to ride. I noticed a well worn track in and out of the river that could be extremely dangerous. Just south of the Pearl Street exit is a bridge and south of that is a path in and out of the river that is used by the trucks carrying the ATV's. This is not an approved exit/entrance on I-55 and will cause an accident, it's just a matter of time. This is not hard to spot if you are headed south on I-55 just look to your left and you will see the sand buildup on the emergency lane just past the bridge or heading north you can see the worn track by looking to your left just before the bridge.
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