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Medical Matters 5 PM 6/19/07

Colon Cancer Blood Test - Candy Cigarettes

Stephanie Bell Flynt

Colon Cancer Blood Test

Early, but promising, results on a blood test for colon cancer. A preliminary study a blood test successfully detected colon cancer in 100% of patients known to have the disease and 90% of those who have either cancer or pre-cancerous growths. Researchers say the test could someday be used to determine which people really need colonoscopies.

Candy Cigarettes

Pretending to smoke using candy cigarettes may lead to smoking real cigarettes in the future. A survey of U-S adults finds those who used to play with candy cigarettes are nearly twice as likely to become smokers. Previous studies have shown playing with candy cigarettes may desensitize children to the harm of real smoking. The study is published in the journal Preventive Medicine.

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