CARA In Peril - - Jackson, MS

Jackson 07/27/07

CARA In Peril

By Cheryl Lasseter

CARA hopes you'll take a liking to Shelby, a puppy that was found abandoned in a house. She's been at the shelter for one month.  Or Alex.  Her owner gave her up after five years.  Or "RCA", who looks just like the dog on old RCA records.  She's a bulldog mix who keeps getting looked over after three years because she's a large adult.

Simply put, CARA needs potential pet owners to step up to the plate. Because with more than 300 dogs and cats, they simply can't take any more.  "When you've got this many animals, it takes a lot to run it," says shelter director Janet Madden.  "Puppies, kittens are being born every day."

And just as important, CARA needs cash donations to pay the bills. If donations were to stay at the current low levels, the shelter would have to close by the end of October. 

There are two factors working against the shelter.  More puppies and kittens are born in the summer months, so more are coming in.  But people go on vacation, so donations go down.

On top of that, the shelter pays 24 part-time employees. And the utility bills for the 30,000 square foot building are up in the thousands every month. "The water, the lights, the gas during the winter months is really high," Madden says.

So if you have a heart for an animal like Velcro, the cat who's attached to people, or Daffy, the dog who was found six years ago in a plastic bag with his mother's dead body, visit CARA to donate or adopt.  Call 601-922-7575 or visit them at 960 Flag Chapel Road in Northwest Jackson.

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