CARA Adoption - - Jackson, MS

Jackson 07/28/07

CARA Adoption

Cute and cuddly puppies were the center of attention at Highland Village's Spring Shopping Fling shopping event.  CARA, Community Animal Rescue and Adoption, hosted an all day animal adoption at the Northeast Jackson shopping center.

Right now the non profit "no kill" shelter cares for about 250 dogs and 60 cats.  CARA is in need of cash donations to make necessary payments like utility bills and wages.  The shelter has about three months of operational funds left before the shelter would have to close.

"The purpose of being in Highland Village today is to raise money for CARA and also show off our cute dogs that we have to adopt and try to find loving safe homes for the dogs we have at the shelter," said Mary Lee with CARA.

If you would like to make a donation to CARA or if you are interested in volunteering, call (601) 922-7575 or visit the 960 Flag Chapel Rd. in Northwest Jackson.

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