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Jackson 08/21/07

D.A. Peterson Gets Key Endorsements

Hinds County District Attorney Faye Peterson has picked up endorsements from Hinds County Sheriff Malcolm McMillin and Michele Purvis, one of her opponents in the August 7 primary.

McMillin says he's backing Peterson over Jackson lawyer Robert Smith because of Smith's association with Jackson mayor Frank Melton.

"If Frank Melton is supporting a candidate, I'm against them," McMillin told WLBT.

McMillin says he believes Melton is trying to dominate county offices. He accused the mayor of backing Jackson Police Commander Tyrone Lwis in a bid to unseat the sheriff in the primary. Melton hosted a fundraiser for Lewis at his home.

McMillin says Michele Purvis, who once worked with Peterson but ran against her in the primary, is also supporting the incumbent. He says Purvis took Peterson to church with her last Sunday and announced her support for Peterson.

Faye Peterson faces Robert Smith in the runoff on August 28.

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