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Rocky School Start? ~ Drugs In Sewer ~ Dog Flu

Stephanie Bell Flynt

Rocky School Start?

In case you haven't noticed, the transition from the lazy days of summer to the early school mornings can be a big adjustment - and an important one. Sleep can impact everything from behavior to grades. And now new research suggests more and more children are having trouble sleeping and more often than not, experts warn, treatment comes in the form of a prescription. Sleep specialists say they prefer a disciplined bedtime routine because drugs used to treat pediatric sleep disorders have not been studied for effectiveness.

Drugs In Sewer

Scientists have been able to give entire cities drug tests by examining what people flush down their toilets. Just a little water from sewage treatment plants is able to give scientists a good idea of community drug use in 10 unidentified U-S cities. They can even determine what days during the week are peak for drug use. By the way -- the most chemical found by scientists is caffeine.

Dog Flu
Canine Flu Q & A

And this brief health warning for your dog. There's been a small outbreak of flu among some dogs in Los Angeles. And veterinarians say it's easily transmitted. It can't be transmitted to people.

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