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Hinds County 08/22/07

House Candidates Omitted from Ballot

By David Kenney  

A winner has been declared in the race for House District 63, but there was one large discrepancy at one polling place. Both candidates were left off the ballot at a Utica precinct. 

Lois Christian, who lost the election, was counting up all her votes when she found a huge mistake.

"When they looked around...they discovered that the race wasn't even on the machine," she said, referring to the voting machine from the Chapel Hill precinct.

Both Christian and the incumbent, Walter Robinson, had been left of the electronic voting machines at the precinct on election day.

There were 327 votes counted at the precinct, and it may never be known if those votes would have made an impact on this race.

"I lost by aproximately 200 votes," Christian said.

Christian has hired an attorney and sent a letter to the Hinds county Democratic Executive Committee, saying she was protesting the race and asking for a re-vote. 

So far no one is offering answers as to why the mistake was made, or what would be done about it. 

"I know people in this area," Christian said. "I spent quite a bit of time (campaigning), and you never know, but I just got a feeling that a lot more people would have voted for me down here. I hate to think of 300 people denied the opportunity to vote."

An investigation into the mistake is underway, but with the election now officially certified, there's a great doubt that voters in this precinct will ever be able to cast a ballot in the District 63 race.

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