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Jackson 08/27/07

Talk Back 3: Air Conditioning Gone out at Bailey

Good morning, watching the news yesterday about the air at Bailey Magnet going out made me wonder what has happened to people. I grew up in Jackson and went to Bailey when it was a Jr. High School years ago. (I'm 53).

We didn't have air then. None of the schools had air back then and we all did just fine with fans and open windows. Nobody got sick or colasped from the heat.   There were very hot summers back then also.   There were years I remember it being so hot on halloween that we couldn't wear our costumes.

The teachers back then all had fans in their rooms and we even took classes outside under the trees at times.

You  know everybody managed during the weeks after Katrina with no air, which it is almost the 2nd yr anniverary.

Just makes me think that people have gotten weak.    I know older people that never did even put air in their houses.....Said it wasnt good for you, made you weak.   Made you so  you couldnt or wouldn't want to go outside.    Hmmmmmmm.......thanks      

Just a thought! Becky Case

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