State Auditor's Race Heating Up - - Jackson, MS

Jackson 08/27/07

State Auditor's Race Heating Up

There are several key races in tomorrow's runoff.

One race that hasn't received much publicity is heating up as of late.

In the state auditor's race, a controversial commercial from Todd Brand seems to accuse runoff opponent, Mike Sumrall and his supporters of soliciting votes by phone.

This commercial says thousands of phone calls were made to African American voters by Sumrall supporters saying Sumrall was a member of the NAACP and that Sumrall was actually black.

Sumrall has denied he knew anything about the calls, while Brand says there are signed affidavits from voters who received the calls. Brand is in Starkville campaigning but we did speak with Sumrall about the accusations.

"I had friends calling friends and asking them to call their friends, that did happen, but there was no mention of race in it," says Mike Sumrall, (D) State Auditor Candidate.

Sumrall has even found fliers throughout the state making the same negative claims as the television ad.

But one thing good has come of all this according to Sumrall, his limited budget could not have bought the name recognition across the state his opponent's ads have brought the winner of tomorrow's runoff will face republican Stacy Pickering in the November general election.

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