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Jackson 08/27/07

D.A. Endorsement Withdrawn

We are keeping a close eye on several races right here in Hinds County, but one of the most highly watched races is that of district attorney.

Incumbent Faye Peterson faces Jackson attorney Robert Shuler Smith.

Both candidates boast endorsements in radio and television advertising. But, one endorsement for Shuler Smith has been withdrawn.

The man in this ad for Shuler Smith says he was misinformed and misled.

In the ad, Freddie Patton condemns Faye Peterson for refusing to prosecute the man who killed his child in a car accident.

Patton now says he was tricked. He says the information he was given led him to think that his daughter's case was finally getting some recognition, but soon found out that was all a lie.

"...So, clearly, the statement that I made was false, clearly. That's why I'm here. I drove 8 hours to get here to set this record straight.." says Patton.

He has apologized to Peterson for the ad after finding out there was never an arrest made in his child's case.

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