Talk Back 3: MPH- Above The Law - - Jackson, MS

Jackson 08/27/07

Talk Back 3: MPH- Above The Law

I also have a problem with the Mississippi Highway Patrol and it is the way that they believe they are above the law.

We always see them flying up and down the road with total disregard for the speed limit because lets face it who is going to give them a ticket.   This past week end I attended the Sturgis motorcycle rally and there were several troopers present on their bikes that belong to the state.

I think it was great that they showed there support.   But while heading back to Jackson Sunday morning I was traveling south on highway 25 on my bike when I got passed by two troopers in there cars pulling trailers with there bikes on them. They had to be doing 100+ mph. Now you and I both know they were not responding to any type of emergency on top of flying down the highway one of them was talking on his cell phone.

On another subject I passed one with his blue lights on pulling someone over in Laurel a few weeks ago and again driving while talking on his cell phone and no seatbelt. How can we teach us to trust the law enforcement when they don't follow the laws they enforce

I have several very close friends that are retired highway patrol and they are great people but the ones that I have meet in the past year are all very arrogant, I am beginning to think maybe now they are teaching to be that way.

Regards, above the law and bullet proof.

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