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Yazoo City 09/11/07

Talk Back 3: Yazoo City Police Officer Suspension

I was watching the news at noon today, and wanted to make a few comments on the Yazoo City police officer story.   First, a mother in the story said that her son's life was worth more than the two shift suspension that the officer received.   I must have missed the part of the story where her son died, or much less was seriously injured.  

Secondly, if these kids involved in this situation were mostly 9 and 10, were where the parents of these kids while they were in line to see Halloween, a rated R movie, where no one under 17 is suppose to get in without an adult.   If they were being let in unaccompanied, then the owner of the cinema should bare some responsibility.   But, the parents are the most to blame for letting their kids go to an R rated movie in the first place!

Lastly, they should give the Police Officer shifts back, he was just doing his job.   Officers are trained to access the situation and use whatever force they deem is necessary to control or contain the situation.   Surely, with the kids so young, he must of thought the incident was escalating to a level that justified the use of the spray, or the kids were just not obeying the officers commands.   Which takes me back to the parents, they failed in their responsibility for teaching their kids respect for elders, especially police officers.

Anyway, thanks for letting me say my peace.  

Thanks, Andy -  Kosciusko, MS  

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