Talk Back 3: Incident at Plaza Twin Cinema - - Jackson, MS

Yazoo City 09/12/07

Talk Back 3: Incident at Plaza Twin Cinema

I would like for WLBT  to quit running negative stories about Yazoo City and the incident at Plaza Twin Cinema.   You interview someone whose child should have been home in bed instead of at an R rated movie.   She appears to me to be a rabble rouser in the worst sense of the word.   Yazoo City, like any small town, hires policemen to take care of the majority law abiding citizens.   They do their job to the best of their ability for little pay and even smaller respect and gratitude.   Crime and various trouble making is rampant in Yazoo City.   I lived there for over 30 years before leaving in February of 2007.   I know what I'm talking about.

The policeman did what he was trained to do...keep the peace in the face of danger to himself and others.   That is what we expect and I am ashamed some citizens are faulting him for his actions and asking for the city to take away his job.   And I am ashamed that your television station is giving so much air time to the vigilantes who continue their diatribe.   Shame on you.

Pamela Deer

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