Talk Back 3: Walt Grayson-"Mississippi Stories" - - Jackson, MS

Jackson 09/19/07

Talk Back 3: Walt Grayson-"Mississippi Stories"

Hi Walt - I just wanted to drop a line to say "thank you" for your work over all these years to keep Mississippi stories (and charms) alive.   I was raised in  Vicksburg from age 8, and graduated in '81 from Warren Central, and like so many teens, thinking I couldn't leave the state soon enough.

I eventually found a family and career, outside Mississippi - and today, I was sharing some childhood stories at work, when someone asked me about the hidden places to visit in Mississippi. I remembered you as a result of that question, and sure enough, found you through WLBT''s website.    As they say "you don't know what you have until you lose it."

I'm in Texas, thankfully however with age to now appreciate the priviledge I had to experience Mississippi first hand.    I will enjoy spending the new few weekends, getting up to speed on your features via WLBT website, and hopefully, plan a vacation in the future, to a few chosen places back home when work schedule permits.

Thinking back, I remember when you started as weatherman for WLBT, but I also remember the "stories" about you when I worked for Farmer Jim (and feist dog) at WSLI in 1994-1995.

Take care, and keep traveling... Pamela Owen-  Houston, TX  

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